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Sports related injury is a massive subject and as such it does not fall into a common injuries type category as in our experience no two injuries are the same and in many cases there are complicated pathologies involved. There are also loads of different reasons why an injury occurs from overuse injuries to traumatic force injuries. Many sports injuries are as a result of too much too soon! For example a runner who suddenly goes from running 50 miles per week to a runner who ups his mileage to say a 100 miles a week  and then tears a hamstring, or a rugby player coming back from per season training with no contact work suddenly playing a full game rugby and taking a knock and rupturing a muscle. This is due to the body not having the required training and progressive load training to be able to cope with the sudden demands placed on the musculoskeletal system.  Another example of this is a martial artist breaking blocks with his hand or head if you or I tried to emulate these amazing feats we would probably need hospital attention. The years of training and the body adaptation that takes place allows the individual involved to complete this physical task with only very minor trauma to the body.